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Work with your sunglasses!

AVATAR in everyday life

While most are sure to think of a vacation, or at least a waterfront-themed summer month, with sunglasses, in terms of basic features, we can say that our sunglasses can be our loyal companion all year round. What’s more, it can even help us at work!

The primary consideration is adequate UV protection. It is less well known that even if there is no sparkling sunshine, or perhaps even clouds in the sky, harmful ultraviolet rays can still penetrate the atmosphere.
Although the intensity of the radiation varies, it is not uncommon for us to squint on a rainless, less sunny winter day.
Most of the time, we don’t even notice this, but if we’re outdoors a lot, our eyes may get tired by the end of the day, or some uncomfortable feeling may accompany it.
In contrast, when wearing sunglasses, these symptoms do not occur because the glasses protect the eye from harmful rays.

And what about those who work outdoors here or there in winter or summer, all year round?

Gardeners, construction workers, industrial climbers, security service providers, traffic controllers, law enforcement workers, and we could list at length. There are plenty of people who spend several hours or even their entire working time outdoors every day, leaving them exposed to the dangers of UV radiation for a long time. Suitable sunglasses provide protection against this. Because amber HD lenses have been developed with the goal of significantly reducing stray blue light exposure to the eye, thereby improving the sharpness of the image seen, they provide a much more contrasting, more saturated color-saturated appearance, which is another reason to wear sunglasses.

Thus, AVATAR HD lens models can be ideal solutions for all those who work outdoors every day. The designed polycarbonate frames hold the lens securely, and the lightweight material and non-slip, soft accessories allow you to wear your AVATAR sunglasses comfortably all day long.

Work with your sunglasses one of your best co-workers, choose from the AVATAR HD-lens models:

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