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AVATAR sunglasses

For those who love a sporty look, good wear and protection last but not least – the AVATAR brand is a must.

The manufacturer’s product has been very well tested in the last 10 years in the USA, accordingly we have also embarked on the introduction of our own brand, AVATAR, which allows us to fully expand with additional product categories as a whole.

HD, polarized and HD-polarized lenses ensure fantastic colors, sharp contours, the elimination of disturbing reflections and of course maximum UV protection.

Each AVATAR sunglasses:

  • are UV400 protected
  • are classified as light filter class 2 or 3 (you can also use them for driving)
  • Made with a flexible and lightweight polycarbonate lens, making it comfortable to wear in the long run

Amber HD lenses have been developed to significantly reduce the exposure of scattered blue light, thereby improving the sharpness of the image, providing higher contrast, vivid colors and saturated image. Recommended for any outdoor activity due to its comfortable wear, whether you are hiking, biking or just sightseeing.

Polarized lenses are the best for filter out reflected light. Sunlight is absorbed differently and reflected back from different surfaces and materials. Horizontal surfaces such as lakes, rivers, flat landscapes, or just the car hood reflects sunlight horizontally. This horizontal reflection can result in a distracting glare that greatly degrades the sharpness of the seen image, and can even be blinding which can be extremely dangerous when driving a car.

Polarized lenses have a filter that transmits only vertical light beams, thereby blocking the dazzling effect of the reflection of horizontal light rays from flat surfaces. Polarized lenses are recommended for waterfront activities and driving, perfect choice for watersports and snow lovers.

What does having a HD-polarized leans mean?

All of the above together. HD-polarized lenses are protecting your eyes and at the same time providing clear, contrasting image with beautiful vibrant colors, without distracting flashes, so you can focus on the really important part: the experience you’re having. The frame of the models made with HD-polarized lens is a special TR90 frame made of a kind of “memory plastic” that is extremely strong, form-fitting, yet flexible and ultra-light. The material is heat resistant up to 176 ° C, which means it is absolutely “dashboard safe”.

The scratch-resistant coating, rubber nose pads and temple tips are further increasing your comfort. If you touch the lens, you can safely remove all fingerprints with the soft microfiber cloth provided.

In addition to quality, we also consider it important that our trading partners are able to sell the brand’s products with a fair profit, which still represent excellent value for money for the consumer.

Choose a quality that has been proven!

AVATAR – It’s all about the lens!