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The reason to wear sunglasses even in winter!

Protect your eyes with AVATAR sunglasses in every season!

There are still a lot of people who think – wrongly –, that sunglasses are only summer accessories. The reality instead of this is that for the health of our eyes it’s important to wear sunglasses even in winter since the harmful UV radiation is present throughout the whole year and from november till march it’s even more dangerous. At this time the Sun’s rays reach the Earth at an extremely low angle and because of that more direct radiation can reach our eyes.

Because of the reflection of the light, visual conditions are getting worse. The light of the Sun can even blind us which can cause a lot of trouble during driving and can be very dangerous. Therefore polarized lenses are crucial for driving, while they can protect the eyes from too much light and the reflections from the road and the engine hood.

In winter, cold wind can easily irritate the eyes which can result dry eyes or other complications, but good sunglasses can be the answer!

AVATAR is also a good choice for the lovers of winter sports. 95% of the light can reflect from snow on the ski slopes causing ophthalmia or other serious problems. But with well-chosen sunglasses this is also avoidable, not to mention the stylish look they can provide.

All AVATAR sunglasses have UV400 protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. They have flexible and lightweight polycarbonate glass frame, making them comfortable in the long run, even during sport activities. The polarized lenses reduce distracting glare and reflections by filtering out disturbing light waves. Smoke and amber lenses have class 3 protection which is great even in snowy mountains, therefore they are highly recommended in winter.

To protect your eyes, choose AVATAR sunglasses!

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Summer is coming!

Summer is coming, indul a nyár
Get ready for the holidays in time!

As the first rays of the sun get out from behind the overcast clouds, one thinks more and more about the summer, planning the current vacation, and many like to prepare well in advance so that everything is perfectly undisturbed during the long-awaited annual vacation.

There are those in notebooks, there are those who put together a list of things to plan for their vacation in a spreadsheet. Almost at the top of this list is sunglasses, a must-have companion on a waterfront vacation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sunglasses we choose, as there are millions of types and styles on the market. But in addition to design, it is also worth keeping functionality in the forefront, as in addition to being a super complementary, it also plays a major role in protecting our health.

AVATAR sunglasses

The selected product is worth looking into in detail, especially which category it is classified into. These categories show how well your glasses provide protection against UV-damaging radiation.

Type 3 goggles are considered suitable for general use, but even these do not provide 100% protection. However, the 4 products with the strongest protection can change the color perception with their dark lenses, which in some cases can be not only confusing, but even dangerous, whether it’s driving a car or water sports.

However, AVATAR’s special polycarbonate lenses provide complete protection without significantly altering the right viewing conditions, making it the perfect summer accessory for either the waterfront or driving, hiking or sightseeing.

AVATARA sunglasses

Here are some more reasons to choose AVATAR sunglasses:

  • All AVATAR sunglasses are UV400 rated for 100% UV protection.
  • Ultra-lightweight, designed polycarbonate frames keep the lenses secure and are comfortable to wear all day long thanks to flexible rubber stem ends and toe slippers.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant.
  • Each model comes with a microfiber cloth and carrier bag with a logo.

See what you want!

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Look at it differently!

Wearing the right sunglasses can prevent many ophthalmic problems, because they are much more than a fashionable accessory! The most important thing is the type of lens, and it is also an essential feature to ensure that we have the right UV protection. It is also not insignificant how comfortable it is to wear in everyday use, because it is recommended to wear it not only in the summer, but also in the winter months, when the sun is not shining, because UV radiation is constantly present.

Protect the health of your eyes during your holiday, but also when you spend your day with work!

AVATAR sunglasses can be the ideal solution!

HD-lens models are recommended not only for climbing, cycling, running and other outdoor sports, but also for those who spend most of their working time outdoors. Amber HD lenses have been developed with the goal of significantly reducing stray blue light exposure to the eye, thereby improving the sharpness of the image seen, they provide a much more contrasting, more saturated color-saturated appearance, which is another reason to wear sunglasses.

Polarized lens models are recommended for water and winter sports enthusiasts, whether it’s rowing, fishing or skiing. In addition, it is recommended for those who driving. By wearing it, driving becomes safer and more comfortable! Polarized lenses filter out light rays reflected from horizontal surfaces, allowing only waves to pass perpendicularly. As a result, there is no problem with any blinding light and reflection.

Models with HD-polarized lenses combine the advantages of the above two types of lenses. They save the eye from disturbing flares, reduce the load from reflective lights. They increase the comfort of the eyes, improve contrast, the colors appear more vividly and in the correct tone. It can be a good choice for all those who like to spend their time sailing or fishing, but it is also an excellent choice for driving. Couriers and truck drivers would love to wear it.

Here are a few more reasons why you should choose AVATAR sunglasses:

  • All AVATAR sunglasses fall into the UV400 category, meaning they provide 100% UV protection.
  • Ultra-light, sculpted polycarbonate frames keep the lenses safe, and flexible rubber stem ends and nose slippers make them comfortable to wear for the whole day.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are coated with scratch-free coating.
  • Each model comes with a logo, microfiber wipes and carrier bag

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May your sunglasses be a member of the team!

AVATAR in everyday life

As summer approaches, the good weather has come in, so it is possible to take the team outside after the home office term! Thanks to team builders, employees can get to know each other better outside the office, collect experiences together while having a good time. It can improve the spirit of teamwork, increase commitment and have many other positive effects of an annual outdoor team building. A lake near by the forest or a river-side forest can be an excellent location for this event. The waterfronts offer plenty of opportunities, including boating, sailing, fishing and hiking.

In order to live every moment and enjoy the landscape around us, we may need a loyal teammate!

AVATAR sunglasses with HD-polarized lenses are highly recommended for waterfront and outdoor sports! Practical wear and protection for nature walks!

The lightweight and resistant amber polycarbonate lenses of “War Master” and “Shield” have a scratch-free coating and provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. Thanks to the amber color of the HD lens, they provide a more contrasting image by filtering out blue reflections, while polarization reduces the appearance of disturbing reflections and flashes. Colors appear brighter and in the right tones.

They have a lightweight, shape-holding TR90 frame and durable, flexible rubber stem ends and nasal slippers for long-term comfort.

Be part of your team with your sunglasses, choose from AVATAR’s HD-polarized lens models!

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Have a permanent travel companion

AVATAR in everyday life

Nowadays, it is very important to protect the health of our eyes, especially when we spend a lot of time outdoors. UV-radiation is always present, even on cloudy days, so it is important to wear sunglasses in all seasons when we go outside. Whether you are a truck driver, courier or car driver, it is clearly recommended to wear sunglasses while driving. When driving, you should have an unobstructed view throughout your driving and it is strongly recommended that you wear high-quality sunglasses during these activities. Our eyes do extra work on the roads, so sunglasses with polarized lenses are an essential accessory for safe driving.

After all, quality polarized sunglasses make the driving experience safer and more comfortable. The polarized lens is not only a good choice for those who drive a lot, but also for those who do outdoor sports, sailing or fishing. For most sports, you need to see well for the good performance.  This is especially important when you do outdoor activites, because light wind and even snow affect on our eye. The most important effect of a polarized lens is that it filters out reflected light from horizontal surface, and with this terminate the glare and reflection so we see a sharper picture.  In summer driving or at the beach but also in winter in snowy milieu, when you do winter sports your eyes are less tired using sunglasses with polarized lenses.

The polarized sunglasses different from other sunglasses not only in that they have a polarized coat in the lens, but also:

  • improves the visual experience
  • improves visual clarity and contrast
  • allows for real color observation
  • reduces harmful UV-A/UV-B rays
  • reduces reflections and glare

When choosing sunglasses, always considering the color  of the lens because different shades have different benefits. Gray or smoky lens are very popular, they are good in cloudy and sunny days too. For nature lovers, smoky lenses have advantage making the colors look relastic. AVATAR POLARIZED lens models are really good choice for who drive a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors. The AVATAR polarized lens sunglasses combine polarization with UV-protection, style and sporty look. The polycarbonate frame with non-slip, soft accessories allow you to wear it comfortably. Whether you are looking for polarized sunglasses for everyday driving or outdoor activities, AVATAR is YOUR brand.

Have a permanent travel companion, choose from AVATAR POLARIZED lens models for everyday use:

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Work with your sunglasses!

AVATAR in everyday life

While most are sure to think of a vacation, or at least a waterfront-themed summer month, with sunglasses, in terms of basic features, we can say that our sunglasses can be our loyal companion all year round. What’s more, it can even help us at work!

The primary consideration is adequate UV protection. It is less well known that even if there is no sparkling sunshine, or perhaps even clouds in the sky, harmful ultraviolet rays can still penetrate the atmosphere.
Although the intensity of the radiation varies, it is not uncommon for us to squint on a rainless, less sunny winter day.
Most of the time, we don’t even notice this, but if we’re outdoors a lot, our eyes may get tired by the end of the day, or some uncomfortable feeling may accompany it.
In contrast, when wearing sunglasses, these symptoms do not occur because the glasses protect the eye from harmful rays.

And what about those who work outdoors here or there in winter or summer, all year round?

Gardeners, construction workers, industrial climbers, security service providers, traffic controllers, law enforcement workers, and we could list at length. There are plenty of people who spend several hours or even their entire working time outdoors every day, leaving them exposed to the dangers of UV radiation for a long time. Suitable sunglasses provide protection against this. Because amber HD lenses have been developed with the goal of significantly reducing stray blue light exposure to the eye, thereby improving the sharpness of the image seen, they provide a much more contrasting, more saturated color-saturated appearance, which is another reason to wear sunglasses.

Thus, AVATAR HD lens models can be ideal solutions for all those who work outdoors every day. The designed polycarbonate frames hold the lens securely, and the lightweight material and non-slip, soft accessories allow you to wear your AVATAR sunglasses comfortably all day long.

Work with your sunglasses one of your best co-workers, choose from the AVATAR HD-lens models:

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Brand present


AVATAR sunglasses

For those who love a sporty look, good wear and protection last but not least – the AVATAR brand is a must.

The manufacturer’s product has been very well tested in the last 10 years in the USA, accordingly we have also embarked on the introduction of our own brand, AVATAR, which allows us to fully expand with additional product categories as a whole.

HD, polarized and HD-polarized lenses ensure fantastic colors, sharp contours, the elimination of disturbing reflections and of course maximum UV protection.

Each AVATAR sunglasses:

  • are UV400 protected
  • are classified as light filter class 2 or 3 (you can also use them for driving)
  • Made with a flexible and lightweight polycarbonate lens, making it comfortable to wear in the long run

Amber HD lenses have been developed to significantly reduce the exposure of scattered blue light, thereby improving the sharpness of the image, providing higher contrast, vivid colors and saturated image. Recommended for any outdoor activity due to its comfortable wear, whether you are hiking, biking or just sightseeing.

Polarized lenses are the best for filter out reflected light. Sunlight is absorbed differently and reflected back from different surfaces and materials. Horizontal surfaces such as lakes, rivers, flat landscapes, or just the car hood reflects sunlight horizontally. This horizontal reflection can result in a distracting glare that greatly degrades the sharpness of the seen image, and can even be blinding which can be extremely dangerous when driving a car.

Polarized lenses have a filter that transmits only vertical light beams, thereby blocking the dazzling effect of the reflection of horizontal light rays from flat surfaces. Polarized lenses are recommended for waterfront activities and driving, perfect choice for watersports and snow lovers.

What does having a HD-polarized leans mean?

All of the above together. HD-polarized lenses are protecting your eyes and at the same time providing clear, contrasting image with beautiful vibrant colors, without distracting flashes, so you can focus on the really important part: the experience you’re having. The frame of the models made with HD-polarized lens is a special TR90 frame made of a kind of “memory plastic” that is extremely strong, form-fitting, yet flexible and ultra-light. The material is heat resistant up to 176 ° C, which means it is absolutely “dashboard safe”.

The scratch-resistant coating, rubber nose pads and temple tips are further increasing your comfort. If you touch the lens, you can safely remove all fingerprints with the soft microfiber cloth provided.

In addition to quality, we also consider it important that our trading partners are able to sell the brand’s products with a fair profit, which still represent excellent value for money for the consumer.

Choose a quality that has been proven!

AVATAR – It’s all about the lens!