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Nowadays, it is very important to protect the health of our eyes, especially when we spend a lot of time outdoors. UV-radiation is always present, even on cloudy days, so it is important to wear sunglasses in all seasons when we go outside. Whether you are a truck driver, courier or car driver, it is clearly recommended to wear sunglasses while driving. When driving, you should have an unobstructed view throughout your driving and it is strongly recommended that you wear high-quality sunglasses during these activities. Our eyes do extra work on the roads, so sunglasses with polarized lenses are an essential accessory for safe driving.

After all, quality polarized sunglasses make the driving experience safer and more comfortable. The polarized lens is not only a good choice for those who drive a lot, but also for those who do outdoor sports, sailing or fishing. For most sports, you need to see well for the good performance.  This is especially important when you do outdoor activites, because light wind and even snow affect on our eye. The most important effect of a polarized lens is that it filters out reflected light from horizontal surface, and with this terminate the glare and reflection so we see a sharper picture.  In summer driving or at the beach but also in winter in snowy milieu, when you do winter sports your eyes are less tired using sunglasses with polarized lenses.

The polarized sunglasses different from other sunglasses not only in that they have a polarized coat in the lens, but also:

  • improves the visual experience
  • improves visual clarity and contrast
  • allows for real color observation
  • reduces harmful UV-A/UV-B rays
  • reduces reflections and glare

When choosing sunglasses, always considering the color  of the lens because different shades have different benefits. Gray or smoky lens are very popular, they are good in cloudy and sunny days too. For nature lovers, smoky lenses have advantage making the colors look relastic. AVATAR POLARIZED lens models are really good choice for who drive a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors. The AVATAR polarized lens sunglasses combine polarization with UV-protection, style and sporty look. The polycarbonate frame with non-slip, soft accessories allow you to wear it comfortably. Whether you are looking for polarized sunglasses for everyday driving or outdoor activities, AVATAR is YOUR brand.

Have a permanent travel companion, choose from AVATAR POLARIZED lens models for everyday use:

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