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May your sunglasses be a member of the team!

AVATAR in everyday life

As summer approaches, the good weather has come in, so it is possible to take the team outside after the home office term! Thanks to team builders, employees can get to know each other better outside the office, collect experiences together while having a good time. It can improve the spirit of teamwork, increase commitment and have many other positive effects of an annual outdoor team building. A lake near by the forest or a river-side forest can be an excellent location for this event. The waterfronts offer plenty of opportunities, including boating, sailing, fishing and hiking.

In order to live every moment and enjoy the landscape around us, we may need a loyal teammate!

AVATAR sunglasses with HD-polarized lenses are highly recommended for waterfront and outdoor sports! Practical wear and protection for nature walks!

The lightweight and resistant amber polycarbonate lenses of “War Master” and “Shield” have a scratch-free coating and provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. Thanks to the amber color of the HD lens, they provide a more contrasting image by filtering out blue reflections, while polarization reduces the appearance of disturbing reflections and flashes. Colors appear brighter and in the right tones.

They have a lightweight, shape-holding TR90 frame and durable, flexible rubber stem ends and nasal slippers for long-term comfort.

Be part of your team with your sunglasses, choose from AVATAR’s HD-polarized lens models!

We are helping you to see as you wish!