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Collecting autumn experiences

Protect your eyes with AVATAR!

Autumn is not only about the yellow leaves and cloudy weather, it brings us the opportunity to spend more time in the nature, because the summer heatwave is in the past already! In spite of the clouds sometimes the sun shows us its glowing face and in that moment is important to wear AVATAR sunglasses in this season too, especially if we are planning to spend a few hours out.

When arrives the slight weather, it sounds great a refresing mountain climbing with family, friends, even by ourselves we can have a hike full of adventures, while we can relax physically and mentally. We have to be careful with the hiding sun between the mountains, because despite the sun loses its summer strength the UV-radiation could have harmful effects on our skin and eyes. The AVATAR „Shield” sunglasses with HD lens are perfect choice for defending against the sun during mountain climbing, because disposes 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.

The brave ones can take a tent too wih their backpacks, until the crickets are chirping before arrives the frozen nature covered by hoarfrost. Autumn could be the perfect time to catch the last golden hours, however it’s indispensable to look after our eyes wearing AVATAR polerized lens sunglasses! Besides UV-protection, the polarized lens filtrate the light-waves reducing the bothering reflection.

We probably need to travel a bit before all the programs in order to leave behind the noise of the city and working days. We can go to our destination by car or by train or by the most proper method for us, but we should protect our eyes during the journey too with Avatar „War Master” HD-lens sunglasses! Besides the fundamental UV-protection, the amber coloured HD-lens provide more contrasty sight by filtrate the blue reflections.

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