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Are you ready for summer?

It is time to get ready for summer adventures with Avatar!

The pleasant spring is over and we have left the overcast skies behind us. The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and it’s time to get ready for the good weather. Many people are planning their current holiday or have already planned it and are just waiting for the moment to go, but some are just diving into summer.

Whether you’re travelling with a suitcase or a smaller bag, it’s worth making a list of what you’re taking with you. In a small notebook, on a piece of paper or even on your phone, so you don’t forget the essentials you need for your holiday. In many cases, it’s only at the last minute that we remember not to forget our sunglasses at home, because whether we’re planning a waterfront holiday or a city break, squinting all day can be uncomfortable.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sunglasses you take with you either, as there are millions of different types and looks on the market. However, it’s worth considering not just fashion but also function to ensure that we are effectively protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays.

AVATAR’s special polycarbonate lenses offer complete protection without altering the proper viewing conditions to a great extent, making them the perfect companion for the waterfront, driving, hiking or sightseeing.

Why choose AVATAR sunglasses? Not only are they stylish, but they provide 100% UV protection, ultra-lightweight, designed frames keep lenses secure, and thanks to the flexible rubber stem tip and nose cap, they provide all-day comfort.