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Protection throughout winter adventures!

AVATAR – Reliable partner during winter as well!

During the colder months, there are a lot of people who go on a trip searching for snow and adventures. In the winter vacation families are really into trying winter sports like skiing, ice-skating or hiking in the snowy mountains. In this time we have to protect our bodies not just from the cold weather, but also from harmful UV rays. The look of the nature covered with a white cloak is immersive, but we can also admire this with the right protection, using AVATAR „Shield” sunglasses with polarised lens, which gives your eyes 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. The polarized lens reduces distracting glare and reflections by filtering out disturbing light waves, so it is ideal for the lovers of water- and wintersports, but it can also be useful while driving, because it protects our eyes from the disturbing effects of unwanted lights.

Because of the blinding light, nictate comes reflexively. Throughout winter, the snow on the streets or ice during ice-skating is another reflective surface. Our eyes try to protect against harmful rays, but this can lead to wrinkling. The situation does not require you to go and buy an anti wrinkle-cream, you just need to use your AVATAR „Shield” sunglasses with HD and polarised lens, which provides more contrasting image by filtering out blue reflections, and the polarization reduces the apperance of disturbing reflections and flares. So you don’t need to worry about the clarity of vision and the formation of wrinkles around the eyes can be prevented.